1. The process governing election of trustees shall be described in co-op bylaws.
  2. Information regarding the election of trustees shall be made available to co-op members via mailing, website, newsletter or similar means of communication.
  3. The co-op shall clearly define for members, and have available to them, information regarding eligibility requirements for becoming a candidate for co-op director, how to become a candidate for director, director district boundaries, the date of the next director election, and other pertinent information.
  4. Voting results in co-op director or other elections shall be available to members upon request.
  5. Co-op director or other elections shall be available to members upon request.
  6. Co-op members shall be informed of vacancies on the co-op board occurring before the director’s term has expired.
  7. The co-op shall post information on a website or other public location on how members can access information regarding their co-op.
  8. Members shall have access to the following information upon request:
    1. Rate schedules
    2. Service rules, policies, and regulations
    3. Articles of incorporation
    4. Bylaws
    5. Most recently approved board meeting minutes
    6. Member publications
    7. Financials reported on RUS Form 7
    8. Billing history for the member requesting the information
    9. List of names and addresses of current directors and officers
    10. Most recent co-op financial audit
    11. Most recent co-op annual report
    12. Tentative agendas for monthly board meetings
    13. Any other records authorized pursuant to Montana code
  9. Members will be provided advance notice of all member meetings
  10. Notices of member annual or special member meetings shall, at a minimum, include the following: 
    1. Date, time, and location of upcoming meeting
    2. Meeting agenda
    3. Financial information, if applicable
    4. Candidates for director, if applicable
    5. Unapproved minutes of a previous member meeting
  11. Notices and current agendas of upcoming board meetings shall be available to members
  12. The co-op shall follow recognized procedural rules for operation of meetings, such as Roberts Rules of Order
  13. Any member may attend board meetings and address the board upon written request, board review and approval.