September 10, 2015

1. As our membership agreement reads, “The applicant agrees that this cooperative shall have access to the premises for the purpose of examining, reading, repairing, or removing its meters or other materials”.

2. Each month we will publish in the Shelby Promoter, post on our website and place a public service announcement on KSEN radio the dates that the meters will be read. If you have an animal, please have it restrained away from the meter as well as the entrance to the yard or kept in the house during this time. If there are obstructions blocking the meter please have them cleared. If we are unable to read your meter(s) due to either of these issues, a notice will be placed on your door/fence asking you to please call or deliver your reading into our office by the date given through our media sites.

3.Failure to follow these instructions will result in a $25.00 charge monthly as well as being subject to disconnection due to continuous inability to get available readings. Our meter readers do their best to gain access and get accurate readings, however, their safety as well as the safety of all our employees remains our number one concern, therefore if needed, they will take protective action in the case of a dog attack.