Thank you for attending the 74th annual member meeting!




$100 Bill Credit

Rick Roberts

Driver Bit Set & Tumbler

Sue Smith

$50 Dash In Gift Card

Sandra Blosser

Fry Daddy

First Baptist Church

Electric Tea Kettle

Connie Fretheim

$50 Cenex Card

Tracy Kinyon

Deluxe Car Care Set

Jessica Brusven

Super Duty Booster Cables

Tracy Kinyon

 $50 TLC Catering Gift Card, Tray and Buns

Joyce Dye

$25 Coffee Hut Gift Card & $25 Carousel Gift Card

Lorette Carter

Handmade Quilt

Janet Kuntz

Bobcat Sweatshirt & Car Decal

Michael Spencer

Griz Sweatshirt & Car Decal

Thane Mccollum

Essential Oil Diffuser, Lavender Oil & Coffee Mug

Rosalie Manley

$60 Spa 30 Gift Card

Lenora Mcewen

Bluetooth Speaker

John Wigand

Ice Cube Tumbler, Kitchen Towels & Canister

Steven Oraw

$30 Clark Family Restaurant Certificate & Shelby Chamber Coupon Book

Jake Robison

Made in Montana Bottle Opener, Chip & Dip Potter and Greeting Cards

Tammie Waite

$25 Griddle Gift Card & $20 Gift Card to Roxy Theatre

Gerald Smith

Table Runner & Air Plants

Gary McDermott

$50 Frontier Gift Certificate

Rita Christopherson

Caramel Sauce and Scone Basket with Copper Bottle Opener

Georgia Tomsheck

Gear Wrench Set

Joyce Dye

$100 Marks’ Tire Gift Card

Ben Widhalm

Fleece Weatherproof Blanket & Silver Tumbler Set

Dunk Farms

$25 Amazon Card

Henry Endler

$25 Amazon Card

Catherine Snyder

Back Pack

Jack Widmar

Garden Tool Set & Kneeling Pad

Katherine Gilchrist

BBQ Hosting Set

Darrel Klette

$50 Alibi Gift Card

Flesch Farms

$25 Alibi Gift Card

Leann Appley

Bluetooth Boombox

Gerald Smith

2 Gallon Metal Sprayer

Roberta Ratzburg

       $500 Scholarship     

     Kaylee Appley

   Carly Parsell





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