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This may be vacation weather for polar bears, but not for us. Subzero temperatures are freezing many parts of the nation and creating high heating bills. Here are some DIY tips on how to stay warm and safe.

Doors and windows can allow heat to escape your home and create drafts. Air sealing your exterior doors may seem like a difficult task, but applying weather-stripping can quickly create a barrier that will keep the warmth inside.

1) Install New Weather-Stripping. Assess the existing weather-stripping to see if it needs to be replaced. It is important to remove the old before applying the new weather-stripping. Layering weather-stripping may prohibit the door from closing completely and the material from working as intended.


2) Install a Door Sweep. One of the biggest gaps to allow warm air to escape is the threshold between the door and the floor. Have you noticed the temperature difference of the floor as you approach the door? Typically this is more noticeable with hard surface flooring. A door guard will block the air flow, and certain styles of door sweeps are compatible with carpet.

3) Allow your heater to do its job. Home heating systems are designed to keep the interior of you home at a consistent and comfortable temperature. When utilizing baseboard heat, do not seal off rooms that can either trap in the heat or cold. Maintaining consistent temperatures will put less stress on on your wallet. Learn more at




Sharing Cooperative Success


Cooperative member, Harry Benjamin recently received a $3000.000 donation from Marias River Electric towards his community carousel project. Through the generosity of CoBank's Sharing Success program, Harry was able to receive a matching grant for a total of $6000.00 donated towards his project.


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Youth Tour lasts a week, but the memories last a lifetime. This 1987 alumna was delighted when a co-op contingent volunteered at the food bank where she works.

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