Think small save big

Think small save big

By Jennifer Hagood, Member Service Specialist

 Now that the holiday season has come to a close we begin to look forward to the year ahead. Perhaps that means committing to a healthier lifestyle or resolving to work towards a new goal. Whatever you’re New Year resolutions may be, at Marias River Electric we are committed to providing you with safe and reliable electric service at the lowest rates possible.

About Shelby Gas Association

Serving the Highline community since 1950, Shelby Gas Association is a local and member owned distribution cooperative of natural gas in Shelby and North Toole County. Shelby Gas Association is managed through an agreement between Marias River Electric Cooperative and Shelby Gas Association. We are a non-profit association governed by our elected Board of Directors. Listed below are the Board of Directors, Employees and natural gas rates currently in effect. We are proud to be your member owned natural gas cooperative.