Safety Tips

Accidents involving electrical lines or wires require special precautions to prevent further injury. Until the power source has been turned off or removed, always consider an electrical wire or downed power line energized and maintain a safe distance from it. Do not touch anyone in contact with a downed power line. Call for medical assistance call 911 and contact Marias River Electric immediately to take care of the electrical line.

Overhead Power Lines

Overhead power lines carry thousands of volts of electricity. Accidental contact with one of these wires may result in serious injury or death. Almost all of these accidents can be avoided with greater awareness of overhead power lines and by using safe electrical practices during work and play. Always keep your tools, equipment, and yourself a safe distance from overhead power lines. Know the height of all equipment before attempting to move them under power lines.

Avoid Planting Trees Near Lines

Before you begin your tree planing project remember to call 811 or visit . To avoid power disruptions, blinking lights, maintenance costs and service calls, never plant trees near overhead power lines. Trees should be carefully

planted in such a way that when they become mature the tree cannot fall into the line and its branches remain a safe distance from the line. It is also important to keep shrubs far enough from poles and other utility structure. 




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