Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Adrian Hawks


Vice President
District # 5
District 5 is the rural area around Whitlash
Term Expires 2022

Shannon Dunk

Director Shannon Dunk

District #7
District 7 is the area in and around Sunburst 
Term Expires 2022

Joe Sisk

Director Joe Sisk

District #2
District 2 is the rural area in and around Galata
Term Expires 2022

Merle Raph

Merle Raph

President, District #1
District 1 is the area within the city limits of Shelby and south of BNSF tracks
Term Expires 2021

Shannon McAllister

Director Shannon McAllistar

Trustee, District #1  
District 1 is the area within the city limits of Shelby and north of the BNSF tracks.
Term  Expires 2023

Mel Fretheim

Director Mel Fretheim

Trustee, District #6
District 6 is the rural area outside Shelby city limits
Term  Expires 2023

Terry Peters

Director Terry Peters

Trustee, District #3
District 3 is the Ledger area and south of the Marias River
Term Expires 2021

Dan Gliko

Director Dan Gliko

Trustee, District #8
District 8 is the area of Kevin and Oilmont and the surrounding rural area
Term Expires 2023